Amanda wrote three very useful blog posts — Here are the links!


Our lab is featured here on the Goergen Data Institute’s website. This interview was a follow up of Chigusa’s “spot-light” presentation at the Amelia Island Leadership Retreat. Read on — comments welcome!  

Amanda Pogue’s new paper got accepted for publication in Frontiers in Psychology. This is a paper on how listeners extract information about the speaker based on limited instances of over- and under-informative utterances. Amanda showed that listeners are adept at generalizing speaker-specific uses of pre-nominal adjectives across items. The results also suggest that listeners are […]

Amanda Pogue is giving a talk at BUCLD (Boston University of Conference on Language Development) Speaker-based generalization of quantity implicature in preschoolers A. Pogue, C. Kurumada, M. Tanenhaus (11/15, Sun 10am)

New paper came out: Tanenhaus, M.K., Kurumada, C., & Brown, M. (2015). Prosody and intention recognition. In Frazier, L., & Gibson, E. (Eds). Explicit and implicit prosody in sentence procesing. Studies in Honor of Janet Dean Fodor. Springer.

Kinder Lab @ Experimental pragmatics 2015! Amanda will be presenting her paper “Speaker-specific pragmatic generalizations based on under- vs. over-informative utterances” (Session 9, 7/18, 2:30pm). Mike Tanenhaus will be giving his plenary on Friday at 4pm.