To start off the new school year, our first RA meeting discussed tips about applying to grad school (mainly PhD programs). Current grad students in HLP and Kinder lab gave helpful advice for this, quite confusing, process. 1. Finding programs to apply to Some helpful points were Using buzzwords or keywords in google scholar to […]

We resumed our weekly visit to URMC Pediatrics Department.

Amanda wrote three very useful blog posts — Here are the links!

Our lab is featured here on the Goergen Data Institute’s website. This interview was a follow up of Chigusa’s “spot-light” presentation at the Amelia Island Leadership Retreat. Read on — comments welcome!  

Amanda Pogue’s new paper got accepted for publication in Frontiers in Psychology. This is a paper on how listeners extract information about the speaker based on limited instances of over- and under-informative utterances. Amanda showed that listeners are adept at generalizing speaker-specific uses of pre-nominal adjectives across items. The results also suggest that listeners are […]

Amanda Pogue is giving a talk at BUCLD (Boston University of Conference on Language Development) Speaker-based generalization of quantity implicature in preschoolers A. Pogue, C. Kurumada, M. Tanenhaus (11/15, Sun 10am)

New paper came out: Tanenhaus, M.K., Kurumada, C., & Brown, M. (2015). Prosody and intention recognition. In Frazier, L., & Gibson, E. (Eds). Explicit and implicit prosody in sentence procesing. Studies in Honor of Janet Dean Fodor. Springer.

Kinder Lab @ Experimental pragmatics 2015! Amanda will be presenting her paper “Speaker-specific pragmatic generalizations based on under- vs. over-informative utterances” (Session 9, 7/18, 2:30pm). Mike Tanenhaus will be giving his plenary on Friday at 4pm.